Pakistani art: A melting pot of prominent cultures

Pakistan’s culture and society have been significantly influenced by diverse ethnic groups living in the country. Punjabis, Kashmiris, Sindhis, Balochis, Siraikis, Pakhtuns and Muhajirs have all contributed to our cultural heritage and art over many decades.

The art in Pakistan has also been greatly influenced by various regions in the neighbourhood. Notable influences include the Persian Empire along with the Afghan and Mughal Empire.

The colonial regime, more popularly known as British Raj also influenced the forms of fine arts in the country.

However, over the decades and various influences, one thing which still remains consistent in Pakistani art is vibrant colours. Bright colours have always been the major attraction and hence, it is no surprise that local crafts and clothing all consist of a wide spectrum of colours.

Over the years, ethnic art and crafts have gained popularity on such a large scale that these symbols of trucks have now moved onto objects and clothes.

The cultural art with time has not lost its true essence. However, it has matured and popularized worldwide, making it a good business strategy for a lot of common people.

Having been spread at such a vast perimeter, the skills of our local people are being put to use in mass production bringing a boost in employment and appreciation.

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